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5 Things Colocation Does for a Small Business

by Guest on November 7, 2013

Colocation services have become one of the fastest growing trends in business. This service, which provides data storage and other IT related services to companies of all sizes, has been found to be safer and more reliable than cloud storage. At a time when all data is critical to the survival of a business, how and where you store your digital assets can make the difference. Firms that are unsure about the many benefits received when using such a service should consider the following facts to base their decision:

1. Data Expansion

Colocation offers you the opportunity to expand your data capabilities when needed. All-too-often when a business grows, they are forced into a larger location just to house the additional space required for servers and data storage. When you use this service, the expansion can be easily made.

2. Less Down Time

A colocation service will offer multi-redundant power systems as well as multi-homed Internet connectivity. This will ensure that your servers remain working and that your data is accessible.

3. Reduced IT Staff

You will not be required to maintain a large IT staff to manage your servers and data processing. All of this will be handled as part of your service package with a professional colocation company. This reduction in IT staff will allow you to allocate that money into other employment positions that will increase your sales.

4. Increased Security

At a time when hacking has become as commonplace as chewing gum, you need to ensure that your digital assets are protected at all times. A colocation service will continue to manage and upgrade security systems in their business to protect the data that is stored in their facility. Their ability to obtain the “latest and greatest” protection methods for data is a large benefit to your company.

5. Retained Data Control

You will not be cut off from your data at any time, nor will you be required to allow someone else to manage it for you. You will always remain in control of your digital assets.

Businesses must accept the fact that their digital assets are their greatest assets in today’s business world. With more and more business being conducted online or over the Internet, it is important for businesses to do whatever it takes to protect those assets and keep them accessible. One breach in your system could lead to a catastrophic loss in business.

The final benefit to this type of service is that it has had a success rate for protecting data that is much greater than cloud-based storage. Many news reports have included breaches in security for cloud-based storage, resulting in many millions of dollars’ worth of damage to consumers and businesses alike. However, none of these security breaches took place in a data storage or colocation site.



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