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SBA ARC Loans Program

ARC is the acronym for America’s Recovery Capital loan program.  The ARC assists small businesses, especially as it relates to the recent slowdown in the economy and the small businesses that the downturn has affected. It is the goal of the ARC program to help small businesses recover and begin generating cash flow again. You can use the SBA ARC loan to pay back the principle and interest on existing business loans. These instant capital injections will allow the small business owner to redirect cash flow to purchase additional goods for resell, or to make payroll.

In order to qualify for an ARC loan, your business needs to be able to show that you have made some profit in the past-but recently fallen on difficult times. Making the payments on small business loans, or recent missed payments, is also a prerequisite.

Some advantages in the America’s Recovery Capital loan program are as follows:

  • The ARC loan is interest free, and could allow you to borrow up to $35,000 to assist your business getting back on track.
  • A 100% guarantee from the Small Business Administration.
  • No fees are charged by the SBA with this type of financing.
  • The SBA will pay all of the interest due on the note.

If you believe it possible to qualify for the ARC Loan program, by all means take advantage as soon as possible.

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