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How Business Owners Can Increase Site Traffic Through Video

by Guest on March 4, 2013

In a recent case study conducted by one of the major search engines,. It was found that websites that contained videos were performing better than sites without this type of media. This is because people are more apt to watch the video than to read the content of the page. With this in mind, savvy business owners can increase their site traffic and conversion rate by implementing videos into their content. There are three categories of videos that are now must-haves for sites that wish to dominate the Internet.

1. Videos Introducing New Products

There is not a better way to captivate an audience than to show them how the product works. People are now more prone to purchase after seeing a demonstration than by trusting their own judgment from reading about a product or service. When you include videos that show your products in action, you will see your sales improve. This is particularly important when it come to a highly competitive market like technology. Videos for technology companies can make all the difference when a potential customer is ready to make a buying decision.

2. Videos Introducing Your Company

Many people still are a little leery of making purchases online because they feel no personal connection to the business. Websites can seem like mindless entities that are just there. By having a video that introduces your company and/or yourself, you make that personal connection with your potential customers that can “seal the deal.” The website will then have a face and a personality attached to it, and the buyer feels more trusting about the product or service.

3. “How-To” and Help Videos

Place instructional videos on your site that will give clients information on how to properly use your product, different things the product can be used for, or even what to do if there is a problem. The Internet is now the first place that people turn to when they have a problem with a product. If you can provide a solution, you will create loyalty in the person who viewed the video. Additionally, these videos can be used as a way to give your site more authority on a subject or product, allowing to rank higher on the search engines.

4. They’re Simple and Inexpensive

The great news is that these videos are not expensive to produce, and can be done quite quickly. It does not take months to produce a video, it takes hours. Videos are also very easy to upload to your site and can easily be replaced and updated when necessary. If you are not sure how to create a video on your own, there are companies available that specialize in creating web content videos. These companies can help you every step of the way from creation to editing. Videos do not have to be long or complicated. The average video is between thirty seconds and three minutes. While some of them are longer, they do not have to be “full length features” to promote your business. In fact, the average attention span will not exceed three minutes on an Internet video so it is best to keep them short.

If you are looking for a way to enhance your sales and your site ranking, you will do very well by adding videos throughout your website.

Chris Robinson is a business writer and closely follows the trends in effective marketing strategies and the use of videos for technology companies. The talented team at 522 Productions has a flare for video production. Through tireless research, they will work side by side with their clients through every aspect of production to put together and implement a plan of action to help their business tell its story the way that it’s meant to be told.

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