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How to Find Cheap Internet Service for Your Small Business

by Guest Author on May 26, 2011

Internet service is necessary for most small businesses, but it can be quite expensive to install and maintain. Fortunately, internet service is one of those areas where you can cut costs. Here are a few tips on how to find cheap internet service for your business.

Shop Around

Shopping around is the single best way to find affordable internet service. Depending on where you live, there may be numerous providers in the area. Take time to research every available option so that you have a clear view of which company offers the best service for the lowest rates. There are several sites on the web that provide information and quotes from multiple companies. You may also be able to find listings for potential internet service providers in the telephone book and through Google searches. Finally, consider asking neighboring businesses which ISP they use. Most will be willing to share this information along with their opinions on connection quality.

Choose the Right Connection

There are many different internet connection options available for small businesses. Some of the most popular include cable, DSL, and wireless. Each type of connection has its own pros and cons and can vary depending on the company that provides the service. However, all three are usually considered fast and dependable. Try to choose the connection that best fits your needs and budget. If you download a lot of material and need to do so quickly, a super-fast connection would be best for you. But if you use your internet to read news and send a few emails, you can get away with something that is slower and cheaper. If you are on a really tight budget and can afford to have your phone line tied up (or if you have multiple phone lines), a high-speed dial-up connection is worth considering. High-speed dial-up is almost always the cheapest internet service option available. It is not as fast as cable, DSL, or wireless, but it will help you keep your costs low.

Take Advantage of Promotional Offers

New customers often get the best promotional offers. If you have never secured internet service for your small business or if you are willing to switch to a new internet service provider, you are the perfect candidate for these offers. Just about every ISP provides promotional deals to new customers. These deals usually include deep discounts for a specific period of time. Special offers may also be available to customers who bundle services, such as internet service and phone service. To take advantage of promotional offers, you may need to sign a service contract. If so, be sure to carefully evaluate the terms of the contract so that you know exactly what you are agreeing to.

Look for Coupons

Nowadays, there is a coupon available for almost everything. As you are researching various internet service providers, take time to search for internet service coupons. You will be surprised to find how many discounts are available. Many major ISPs offer coupons through their website. You can also find coupons on sites like,, and A Google search with the phrase “internet service coupons” can also turn up good results.

Choose Personal Service

Most ISPs offer service options for both individuals and businesses. The business internet service frequently costs more than service for individuals. If you have a home business or a small company, you may be able to get away with the cheaper individual service. This service does not always come with web hosting, web development, and some of the other services offered to businesses, but it typically includes multiple email addresses. If you need to use your connection to run multiple computers, you can always set up a wireless network. The cost of doing so is relatively small and the required tech know-how is minimal.

Offset Costs

If you own a small business that is open to the public, you may be able to offset the costs of internet service by offering a public computer station. You can allow your patrons to use the station for a small fee. If you rent it out enough, the profits could cover the entire cost of your monthly internet bill. Just remember that someone will have to oversee the station and take money from customers. It may also be a good idea to establish internet use rules so that patrons aren’t tempted to use your connection for inappropriate activities.

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