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ARC Loan

ARC Loan or  America’s Recovery Capital loan program is the White House answer for the call to bail out the small businesses on main street. The ARC loans purpose is to give interests free loans with no payment for up to 12 months to help small business get back in the black.   The challenge understanding how the ARC loan works and who needs this type of loan. Many small businesses will look for capital from other Small Business Administration funding sources if they do not qualify for the ARC Loan. Other types of SBA Loans can be found home page

If a small business would like to apply for the ARC Loan they would start with the banker they currently work with. Some of the challenge with this is if the bank is not involved in the SBA ARC Loan program. The only way that a small business owner will find out is to call and ask the lender. The next step is to look for other banks that are funding the loans. Most banks however will want you to have been a customer n good standing with the bank in order to originate the loan. If you need capital for your business the process of looking for a ARC loan will lead you to other financing opportunities if you do not meet the eligible requirements for the ARC Loan.

The Arc loan can be a challenge for small business to understand and meet the ARC Loan Requirements. We have put together information about this loan to help get started.

ARC Loans Program
The arc loan Program will be in affect until 9-30-2010 or for as long as the money last. This is expected to fund 10 thousand ARC Loans.

About the ARC Loans
Learn about the ARC Loan and what it could do for your small business. Keep in mind that the ARC Loan is a commercial Loan.

How to Get an ARC Loan
4 steps that you need to do in order to get the emergence funding from the Small Business Administration.

ARC Loan Eligibility
Here you can learn what hardships will make you eligible for the SBA ARC Loan. what caused the down turn for your business?

ARC Loan Requirements
What are the 5 requirements for the ARC Loan? Find out if you meet the requirements.

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